Packo Hygienic Centrifugal pumps new to the Verder Program

Packo hygienic centrifugal pumps are the latest addition to the extensive range of pumps from Verder Liquids. Packo pumps are built in house, with a custom made finish, calibrated to the detail and are proven reliable pumps in the industry. 

Cleaning process Packo milk cooling tank

Take a unique look inside a mobile CIP unit while it is being cleaned. You can see the different steps, like the cold pre-rinsing, warm pre-rinsing, the main cleaning and the after rinsing process. 

Mobile CIP Cleaning In Place

Packo Industry has developed a hygienic mobile cleaning in place system to clean your vessels, tubes, heat exchangers, fillers or other equipment.

Packo, pump manufacturers who understand the beer brewery process

In this video you can watch how Packo pumps helps beer brewers in increasing process efficiency and reducing cost to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  But also the food safety and as a consequence the cleanability are of major importance. Furthermore energy efficiency, so your electricity cost, becomes a distinctive factor more often. Packo Pumps unites an intensive know-how, with a profound knowledge of the beer brewery process. Packo aims not only to improve the flow in the pump but also the cleanability, reliability and energy efficiency. Packo Pumps is originally researcher, designer and manufacturer of sustainable and innovative pump solutions. Packo pumps rank among the best of the world when it comes to hygiene and cleanability.