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Verder Friction Loss Calculator

Measuring is knowing and if you can't measure it you should try to calculate it! 

When a pump needs to be installed or replaced, it is easy to know what flow rate you need. This is the time in which you want the pump to empty a tank. But to know the pressure you need to get a certain flow rate through a certain piping system with height differences and a number of bends in it is a slightly more difficult task and here we want to offer a solution with our tool. 

With the Verder Liquids calculator you can determine the operating point of a pump in a very simple visual manner.  With this calculation, the client can make a basic determination of a new pump on his own, but it can also be used as a problem solver in the case of pumps that do not achieve their flow rate or for the energy audit of an existing pump installation. The Verder Sales also use this tool during their on-site customer visits.

With these basic calculations we offer our customers a free basic engineering tool to determine simple process installations. 

How to calculate your friction loss? 

By entering a number of basic parameters such as flow, density and viscosity in combination with the length and diameters of the pipes, you can calculate a number of data such as NPSH, pipe losses or liquid velocities in the suction and pressure path. An extensive manual can be found in the program.

Outcome: These calculated data can be downloaded and can serve as a basis for a quotation or simple determination of certain process conditions or losses in process components. 

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