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Why choose Verder for your system?

Our systems are available as ‘off-the-shelf’ OEM units or as a complete bespoke design, built from first principles. Tried and tested in utility and commercial applications, our systems have delivered reliable fluid handling solutions at a competitive price.

  • End-to end service from design to contract maintenance
  • Experience of many utility and industrial sectors
  • Great relationships with principal contractors
  • Engineered to provide full operation with no excess costs
  • Supported by an engineering and technical team for getting the best out of day to day use 

Verder Service Centre

Located at our head office in West Yorkshire, the Verder Service Centre is home to our dedicated project team. All systems are designed, built and tested in-house to ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards. 

Our engineering and diagnostic facilities allow us to test performance and identify any deficiencies in the pump. We can also provide spare parts and recommend critical stock inventory to prevent process downtime at your site.

All repairs, modifications and even a full overhaul can be made onsite for all Verder and most 3rd party brands.

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Chemical Dosing

For all types of chemical, our systems provide an accurate dosing process for water and wastewater treatment, dosing of additives, odour control, CIP in municipal and commercial applications.

From small-scale and temporary systems dosing as low as 0-15l/h up to municipal package plant operation, our systems can accommodate all scales and price points.

Verder systems have been used in projects such as pilot schemes for the AMP7 period to achieve significant reductions in P levels, reduce BOD and COD levels at fish farms, odour control at STW and poly dosing and disinfection at clean water sites.

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Turnkey Solutions

To provide a 100% tailored fluid handling solution, our systems can be designed from first principles. Our design team offer an ‘open door’ policy on all projects such as difficult to handle fluids, where a compact solution is required or there are compliance requirements.

Working with you to establish the requirements of your system we can provide advice on the best pumping principle, pipework, control philosophy and how the system can be best operated and maintained throughout its life.

Previous projects we have assisted with include universal chemical pumps for ATEX zones, pumping stations for canal locks and a-trailer mounted pump for reservoir silt management.

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