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Verdergear R

The Verdergear R Series of Internal Rotary Gear Pumps are suitable for handling of fluids of any viscosity that require a gentle, pulsation-free flow. This may include solvents from 1mm2/s up to chocolate (max 100,000 mm2/s) are pumped without problems. The special rotary gear design makes the Victor R gear pumps suitable also for lubricating and non-lubricating fluids as well as for liquids with solids. Features of the pump range include the constant capacity of the working principle which delivers a smooth, non-pulsating flow, which is ideal for shear-sensitive fluids and for accurate dosing. The pump can self-prime and has a reversible action, making it highly suitable for tanker offloading. All of the pump models are available with variable port positions, which makes it easy to install in existing systems or allows greater flexibility for the design of new systems. The pump itself has only two moving parts: the rotor and stator. The gear mechanism has a low rate of wear thanks to the combination of teeth and the 'crescent' which distributes the load evenly. Any wear can be compensated for using the wear adjustment system which allows the axial position of the rotor to be corrected and ensure constant performance even with considerable wear. The modular design makes it very easy to replace parts that no longer have a serviceable life with a wide range of materials, jacketed casings, covers and sealing systems such as shaft seal.

Verdergear R

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max. particle size Certificates Technosheet


3.7 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


7 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


12.6 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


20.5 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


43 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


75.5 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


114 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


163 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


265 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX 


350 m3/h 16 bar 300 °C 0 mm ATEX