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Static and Dynamic Mixers

The design of the Verdermix Static Mixer is optimised for delivering turbulent mixing forces and minimize the drag and energy loss in the system. 

The different mixing elements; Helicals, V-Shape and X-shape, each have their typical characteristics to mix (or disperse) fluids (and fluids with gases) in small or larger volumes, from low to high viscosity and with or without solids. All our hygienic mixers are standard electro-polished (others SS possible) with the known benefits, being, a.o. Hygienic and aseptic, highly improved cleanability and increased corrosion resistance, high resistance towards sticking. 

A modular system is developed to design a unique mixer that is totally specific to your process, is quick to produce and ensures a long service life. 

That makes our static mixer ideal for handling all your “in-line” – mixing applications.

Dynamic Mixers

The Verdermix dynamic mixer provides a very efficient method circulating or blending all kinds of fluids, with low or high viscosity, with or without solids, for small or large tanks. The drive and shaft system are extremely robust for a stable and reliable operation and the axial and radial flow propellers are suitable for various mixing applications also with corrosive and/or abrasive fluids.

The materials of the wetted parts are always adapted to the process needs. 

That makes the dynamic mixer ideal for handling all kind of applications in many industries.

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Static and Dynamic Mixers