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Progressive Cavity Pumps

A progressing cavity pump is a positive displacement pump employing a rotor and stator assembly to create temporary chambers to draw fluid into, which 'progress' through the pump resulting in the fluid being expelled through the discharge port. 

The rotor is a helical-shaped worm component which rotates within the stator. The stator is made from a flexible material and has one more 'worm thread' than the rotor. This allows for the both the rotation of the stator and the provision of a shifting space which forms the progressing cavity necessary for the fluid. 

What fluids and applications is a progressing cavity pump suitable for?

A progressing cavity pump excels when handling highly viscous fluids which are required to be moved long distances (discharge pressure up to 48 bar). They are commonly found in waste water applications for moving viscous slurry and sludge containing softer-type solids. Models are available for dosing-type applications, hygienic environments and drum-emptying.

How do progressive cavity pumps work? 

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Progressive Cavity Pumps