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Packo Pumps

Packo Pumps

Starting in 1975, Packo Pumps has designed and constructed stainless steel pumps for various industries. Since this date, we have supplied more than 350,000 pumps and these for the most diverse applications. The first pumps that were developed by us were destined for the dairy industry, so from the outset hygiene and cleanability were a basic requirement for Packo Pumps. The use of stainless steel and the standard applying of an electrochemical surface treatment (electropolishing), find their origin here. These are two factors that make Packo pumps stand out even today. 

Since the summer of 2015 Packo Pumps belongs  to the Verder group. Together we employ 1600 people worldwide spread over different production sites and sales offices. In the factory in Diksmuide we manufacture industrial pumps and hygienic components. There is also an electropolishing division which gives our products a very high degree of finish. The production plant in Diksmuide is good for a  workforce of over 130 employees and manufacturing over 10,000 pump units a year! The company as well as the Packo Pumps department has a sustainable organic growth, which we owe to the high quality of products and service, and the will to keep improving constantly.

Manufacturing Pumps

Our manufacturing company Packo specializes in industrial stainless steel centrifugal pumps and hygienic rotary lobe pumps and twin-screw pumps. Packo is creating the highest quality centrifugal pumps for industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications. The centrifugal pumps are manufactured in Belgium. All centrifugal pumps are electropolished according to an inhouse developed process method for surface treatment of stainless steel. The method is finished with hand polishing techniques to achieve the highest quality pump specification for applications where compromise is not an option. The rotary lobe pumps and twin-screw pumps are manufactured in South Korea. The Diksmuide plant produces not only pumps but also static and dynamic mixers.

Industrial Pumps

Packo centrifugal pumps have a unique and solid design with the highest possible surface finish. All pumps are electropolished and have a perfectly cleanable and smooth surface with increased resistance to corrosion. They are characterized by their modular design with interchangeable standard components. Also available as cantilever pumps, vortex pumps and special pumps for water/air mixtures. Packo pumps make the difference in surface finish, food safety, energy costs, easy maintenance and optimization of production processes. They are suitable for the most demanding industrial applications. 

Hygienic Pumps

Every hygienic industry has its specific expectations and above all critical finishing requirements. Packo has three major finishing grades with matching couplings for the centrifugal pump range so that the pumps can very easily meet the necessary certificates within these specific industries without being overspec in terms of cost. 
Industrial Finishing
Hygienic Finishing
Pharmaceutical Finishing

Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps

The hygienic pumps from Verder are problem solvers for the hygienic market. The Packo centrifugal pump series can meet the high requirements of EHEDG and 3A certification. They excel in hygienic cleanability, reliability and are easy to handle. All Packo centrifugal pumps are configured to order, offering a huge range of pump configurations. The standard pumps are used in demanding applications such as dairy, food & beverage and pharmaceutical. This series is also perfectly applicable in industrial applications such as mining, chemicals and waste water. In fact at all duties where a high corrosion resistance is required. 

Packo Lobe Pumps

Each series of the Packo rotary lobe and circumferential piston pumps is stateof-the-art. The pumps can be fitted with a variety of features and rotors to adapt to almost all hygienic pumping tasks. The pumps can be customized to meet the optimum function or performance to your process. 

Packo Twin Screw Pumps

All advantages of rotary lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps are combined in the Packo twin screw series. This two-in-one operation pump series is excellent for pumping not only high-viscous liquids and pastes but also the thin-liquid cleaning fluids that are used for CIP cleaning. The pumps provide a pulsation free flow for gentle operation. 

Jabsco by Packo

Jabsco-by-Packo pumps joined the Verder group in 2020. The Jabsco by Packo pumps offer: Ultimate hygienic standards for cleanability, sterilizability and bacterial tightness Lowest product shearing: highest volumetric efficiency with low viscous fluids. Excellent pumping of high viscous products. Cleaner by design: gasket-type joints reduce potential product entrapment areas