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New Verderflex Rollit Range: No liquid lubricant required!

Now available form Verder UK, the new Verderflex Peristaltic range which has no liquid lubricant bath, reducing the risk of product contamination

Verder have extended their range of peristaltic hose and tube pumps with the new Rollit range of roller pumps.

What is it?

A new industrial peristaltic pump which does not use a lubricant bath for reducing friction and cooling the pump, but instead uses a PTFE-roller and hose which does not need any liquid lubricant.

What is the benefit of the Rollit?

  • All hoses in a peristaltic pump will eventually fail through wear. In traditional pumps when a hose fails the liquid lubricant can enter the flow path which can contaminate a batch and require lengthy clean-up. As the Rollit does not have this bath there is no risk.
  • The pump is very gentle in its pumping action allowing very shear-sensitive media to be handled with minimum degradation. 
  • The pump is inherently hygienic with the fluid being contained inside the hose with no contact from moving parts. The hose itself is available with FDA approval and can be autoclaved.
  • Hose life is excellent thanks to a low rolling resistance of PTFE rollers, used in the rotor assembly.
  • The hose can be changed in 2 minutes! Unlike other peristaltic pumps there is no need to drain a lubricant bath for a hose change, which means it will not enter the fluid stream when the hose fails. This makes it ideal for where hoses are regularly changed or cleaned such as at printing presses, pharmaceutical sites and in food production.

Examples of fluids/applications

  • Dosing of various pharmaceutical intermediates for the preparation of medicines
  • Gentle handling of crystal for pharma raw materials
  • Filling of cosmetic containers
  • Transfer of chocolate filling for confectionery
  • Filling of inks and pigment suspensions without air bubbles

The range is available with a single or twin head with flows up to 24.5m3/h at up to 4 bar.

Click here to see the range >>>

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