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Verderflex OEM-sortimentet af mindre slangepumper er konstrueret til panelmontering eller indbygning i maskiner eller kabinetter. Enkle og lette at servicere til minimale omkostninger. Flow fra 1,6 ml/min. til 17 l/min.

Verderflex OEM peristaltic tube pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications. The sealless and self-priming design make the pump very easy to service and very reliable. A wide choice of motors on different speeds makes the pumps adaptable to any system. Build-in sizes are small. However, we realise that a standard pump sometimes is not the best solution for your case, Verder Liquids is more than happy to develop a tailor made pump with you.

Max. flow 1260 ml/min
Max. discharge pressure 2 bar
Max. temperature 85 °C
Tubing material Verderprene, Silicone, Viton® or Tygon®
Options Brushless (24 Vdc)
Rotor Polycarbonate, 316 stainless steel inserts with Nylatron rollers