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Verderhus model B: Direkte koblet skruespindelpumpe på vandret bundplade eller bundplade til vertikal montering.

Screw Centrifugal Pumps

Verderhus screw centrifugal pumps combine the best features of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps to define a new standard for low head, high flow pumping. They are suitable for the handling of flowable slurries, sludges and media containing solids as in wastewater treatment for example: thick sludge, sewage and the recirculation of lime chemical. The range has excellent utility in agricultural and related facilities such as chicken necks and bone-laden animal waste and macerated food or crops in the production of bio gas.

Max. flow 1500 m3/h
Differential head 55 m wc
Max. temperature 120 °C
Max. particle size 160 mm
Viscosity 3000 cP
Max. drive power 90 kW
Connections DIN / ASME 
Impeller type Screw 
Solid Max % 30%
Min temp -20 °C