Rollit 10

The Verderflex Rollit 10 is the standard pressure version of the Rollit series of liquid-lubrication-free hose pumps, designed for applications in the chemical, food, pharma, environmental and many other industries.

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Verderflex ROLLIT er en ny serie af peristaltiske slangepumper, der fuldender Verderflex slangepumpe program. Verderflex ROLLIT pumper er smørefri peristaltiske slangepumper, med nem vedligehold. Pumpen er tilgængelig i standard (enkelt-hoved) eller twin (dobbelt-hoved) version. Verderflex ROLLIT nøgle egenskaber er: • Kapacitet op til 24500 l/t • Tryk op til 4 bar • Strømtilførelse op til 4 kW • Maks. rotationshastighed 165 rpm • Maks. tørløft 8 mwc

Peristaltic Pumps

Verderflex® Industrial peristaltic pumps are extremely robust pumps, ideal for heavy duty operations on intermittent or continuous duty cycles. They are a simple to use, easy to control, versatile and reliable way to pump liquids.

Max. flow 140 l/h
Max. discharge pressure 2 bar
Max. temperature 80 °C
Max. particle size 7 mm
Certificates FDA, ATEX 
Speed 165 rpm
Max suction lift 7 m wc
Max motor power 0,37 kW
Hose ID 10 mm
Weight 30 Kg