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Kundetilpasset magnet dreven membran doseringspumpe med kapacitet fra 2 til 24 l/time og trykområde op til 18 bar. Verderdos VE3 er ideel til multifunktions dosering. Pumpen kan leveres med digital flowaflæsning, proportional områdevalg og intern kontrol af pH/ORP eller klor.

Solenoid Dosing Pumps

The Verderdos solenoid pumps programme consists of an extensive range of electromagnetic solenoid powered diaphragm pumps and a set of accessories, perfectly tuned on solenoid pumps. Verderdos pumps are an ideal choice when there is important back pressure to face, whilst pumping the desired liquid. The wide combinations of wetted parts make the Verderdos range a perfect solution to pump chemicals of different nature and characteristics. Verderdos solenoid pumps offer chemical compatibility with almost all chemicals used in water treatment.

Max. flow 24 l/h
Max. discharge pressure 18 bar
Pumphead material PVDF
Max. temperature 65 °C
Number stroke/min 150
Max. drive power 0,06 kW
Weight 3,5 Kg