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Statická a dynamická míchadla VERDERMIX

Statická a dynamická míchadla Verdermix jsou idální pro míchání všech druhů kapalin, s nízkou nebo vysokou viskozitou, s nebo bez obsahu pevných částic. Statické a dynamické míchadlo je dodávané jako kovové nebo plastové. U všech míchadel garantujeme správné smíchání.

Advantages Verdermix static and dynamic mixers

√ Verdermix static and dynamic mixers are ideal for handling all kind of liquids, with low or high viscosity, with or without solids and available in many different metal and plastic configurations.  

√ Every mixer/agitator is specified according to a customer's exact requirements with the size, material, impeller type, motor requirements etc.

√ Verdermix mixers are built and tested in-house in the Verder manufacturing facility to guarantee the quality finish expected of a Verder product.

Curious about the price of a static or dynamic mixer?

Our experts can help you with the right pump for your process. Please contact us, by sending an emailYou can also send us your contact information and we will be happy to get in touch with you! 

Statická a dynamická míchadla VERDERMIX
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