The VE DUAL ph-Chlorine is an all in one solution of instrument plus solenoid metering pumps, to check and adjust pH and free Chlorine parameters in the water. High chemical compatibility is guaranted by PVDF pump head and valves.

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The Dual series of pumps in Verderdos range, offer a compact all in one solution for monitoring water parameters like pH, Redox, Chlorine and T° via a built in instruments and solenoid metering pumps to adjust those parameters. The VE DUAL series of pumps offer a wide degree of settings to the installer and are easy to program and mantain.

The Verderdos solenoid pumps programme consists of an extensive range of electromagnetic solenoid powered diaphragm pumps and a set of accessories, perfectly tuned on solenoid pumps. Verderdos pumps are an ideal choice when there is important back pressure to face, whilst pumping the desired liquid. The wide combinations of wetted parts make the Verderdos range a perfect solution to pump chemicals of different nature and characteristics. Verderdos solenoid pumps offer chemical compatibility with almost all chemicals used in water treatment.

最大流量 10 l/h
最大出口压力 5 bar
Pump head material PVDF
连接 4x6 mm
Valves material PVDF
Protection degree IP65
Parameters pH-Chlorine