TP 330-116-12

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JTP series are specifically designed for discharging road tankers and are the highest capacity relative to weight pumps availabel in the truck market. This key feature is achieved by using an aluminium gearbox. 

There are five models available having displacement between 0.78 to 1.63 litres/ rev and pressure ratings between 8 to 12 bar. All pumps are suitable for operating at temperatures up to 120 degrees celcius 

The revolutionary JTP desing is EHEDG certified. Manufactured in SUS316L stainless steel, the pump sets the standard for uptime, reliability and CIP performance. 

TP系列产品可在各种粘度情况下提供更大的容量、更高的压力和绝佳的效率,从而更快地执行装卸。TP系列采用异型垫片系统,先进的0.6㎛Ra表面处理和最小端密封区域,从结构上保证实现最优的卫生效果。接液部件由SS 316L制成。前装式密封件无需拆下转子壳体即可实现更快速轻松的维护。


最大流量 812 l/min
最大出口压力 12 bar
Port 80 mm
转速 700 rpm