The multi-phase pump is a combination of a standard centrifugal pump and a liquid ring pump both mounted together on 1 motor and 1 shaft. The centrifugal pump is used for pumping the liquid and brings the main performance of the pump. When a gas-bubble starts to build up in the eye of the centrifugal impeller, it is evacuated by the liquid ring impeller. The pump has 1 suction and 2 discharges: a main discharge of the centrifugal pump and a smaller discharge of the liquid ring pump that functions as an air and foam vent. The air/foam vent is typically connected back to the suction vessel. The GFP multi-phase pump is typically used for foamig liquids and (viscous) liquids containing gas in the food-industry. Offering a solution to liquids that are difficult to pump with standard centrifugal pumps. E.g. starch slurries & proteins

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Packo 食品级不锈钢离心泵符合EHEDG和3A认证高标准,因此可满足食品行业如日用品、饮料、酿酒厂和整流器生产中的各种要求,其高清洁度非常适合酵母生产中的过滤和消毒。


Packo 不锈钢泵采用高效设计,精选材质和表面处理工艺,将为您节约电能,确保食品安全并优化生产工艺。其搞清洁度设计,高效清洁选配功能是泵设计的核心技术。

最大流量 400 m3/h
最高自吸高度 30 m wc
Max. Inlet pressure 10 bar
最高温度 140 °C
认证 EN 1935, FDA, EAC 
粘度 1000 cP