These robust pumps have stainless steel 316L investment cast pump casings and can be equipped with open, semi-open or vortex investment cast impellers in stainless steel 316L or similar. The pumps have a large clearance between the impeller and the pump casing and as a result they can handle solids and fibres without any risk of clogging. Thanks to its solid construction and electropolished design these pumps are the reliable component for your production process. The Packo pumps of the series MFF are used in a wide range of industries and applications. You can find them in just about all industries such as vegetable industry, water treatment and textile industry as well as in e.g. biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol applications.

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Packo通用型系列离心泵具有高效低能耗的特点.该系列所有泵都非常坚固,维护却非常方便简单。 特别采用了模块化设计和可互换的标准组件,但也有潜水和空气处理泵可选。


Packo 不锈钢泵采用高效设计,精选材质和表面处理工艺,将为您节约电能,确保食品安全并优化生产工艺。其搞清洁度设计,高效清洁选配功能是泵设计的核心技术。

最大流量 700 m3/h
最高自吸高度 30 m wc
Max. Inlet pressure 12 bar
最高温度 140 °C
认证 EN 1935, FDA, ATEX, EAC 
最大颗粒尺寸 50 mm
粘度 500 cP