The Packo centrifugal pumps of the IFF and MFF series are stainless steel vortex pumps with a recessed impeller. They are the perfect process pump for handling liquids with a significant proportion of solids and / or long fibres. They are used in vegetable industry (de-stoning f.i.) as well as in waste water applications.

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Packo通用型系列离心泵具有高效低能耗的特点.该系列所有泵都非常坚固,维护却非常方便简单。 特别采用了模块化设计和可互换的标准组件,但也有潜水和空气处理泵可选。


Packo 不锈钢泵采用高效设计,精选材质和表面处理工艺,将为您节约电能,确保食品安全并优化生产工艺。其搞清洁度设计,高效清洁选配功能是泵设计的核心技术。

最大流量 360 m3/h
最高自吸高度 35 m wc
Max. Inlet pressure 13 bar
最高温度 140 °C
认证 EN 1935, FDA, ATEX, EAC 
最大颗粒尺寸 35 mm
粘度 500 cP
转速 1500 / 1800 rpm
最大功率 90 kW
可用频率 50 / 60 Hz 
可用频率 BSP thread, industrial flanges acc. to EN 1092-1/01 & 02 and ANSI (optional: hygienic fittings) 
叶轮类型 Open, semi-open and vortex 
Surface finish Industrial finish: welds are not hand polished. Final surface treatment: electropolished
Mechanical seal configuration Single, quench, double
Materials wetted parts Stainless steel 316L or similar