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JABSCO Hy~Line高卫生转子泵在苛刻的应用中有较长寿命。模块化结构、可完全互换的双翼转子能够无需重新定位就能安装,从而减少停工时间。

Jabsco 最新型的超洁净卫生级转子泵融合了精湛的卫生设计理念,可以满足客户对于清洁性、卫生性和 可消毒性的日益增多的要求。此款316L不锈钢设计采用了双翼转子,包含了三叶转子泵和圆周活塞转子泵的特性。

Port Size Inlet/ Outlet Reduced 2" (50mm)
Port Size Inlet/ Outlet Standard 2 1/2" (63mm)
Port Size Inlet/ Outlet Enlarged 3" (76mm)
Displacement US Gallons (litres) 16.9 Gallons (64 litre) @ 100 revs
Flow Rate US Gallons (litres) 121.8 GPM (461 LPM)
Operating Pressure 217 psi (15 bar)
转速 720 max (rpm) 
Operating Temperature -22 to 284°F (-30 to 140°C)
Dimensions 433 x 288 x 329 (mm)
重量 61 (kg) 134 (lb) 
Body Materials 316L Stainless Steel
Rotor 316L Stainless Steel
Port Type All US and European standards
Seal Options include: Front-loaded single mechanical face-type seals of hygienic design. Materials include carbon, stainless steel and silicon carbide. Low-pressure flush seals use the same single mechanical seal with an additional housing. Double mechanical s
Bearings High specification taper roller bearings