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JEC Lobe Pumps

Pompes à lobes et à lobes rotatifs de la série Verderlobe made by Wright Flow Technologies sont essentiellement utilisées dans l‘industrie pharmaceutique et de produits alimentaires. Elles répondent à un standard élevé d‘hygiène. Les pompes sont nettoyables en NEP et SEP. Aussi des fluides chargés en solides peuvent être pompés. Le principe de fonctionnement des pompes à lobes et à lobes rotatifs permet un transfert doux aussi pour les fluides sensibles au cisaillement.

JEC Rotary lobe, circumferential piston and twin screw pumps

JEC pumps are used in a wide range of industries. Ideally suited to both  hygienic and industrial applications from food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical or personal care. 

Due to the EHEDG certification and the CIP cleanability the JEC pumps are often used as a reliable pump in the biotechnology for e.g. feeding ultra-filtration processes or sterile filling application. In the food industry the JEC pumps with special clearance are used for enrobing sweets or biscuits for example with chocolate. Also for pumping shampoo and shower gel from the storage tank to the production line JEC pumps are used in the personal care industry.

Advantages Lobe Pumps

✔ High quality materials
✔ Surface quality of up to 0.4 μm Ra
✔ Various sealing options
✔ Rotor clearance according to application
✔ Certified according to ATEX and EHEDG
✔ 3A and FDA compliant

JEC Lobe Pumps

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