The seal-less design of the T-Series made by Wanner International eliminates leaks, hazards and the expense associated with seals and packing.

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The Verderbar T pumps is a series of process piston diaphragm pumps combines the three pump heads of conventional triplex pumps in one pump head. The proven function principle ensures a pulsation free flow. The proven design eliminating downtime and repair costs and provides low-pulse, linear flow due to its multiple diaphragm design. Verderbar T-Series pumps can be configured to meet API 674 standards.

Помпи за тежък работен режим

Макс. дебит 170 l/min
Макс. (нагнетателно) налягане 207 bar
Макс. температура 82,2 °C
Макс. размер на частици 0,8 mm
Сертификати ATEX