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Verderflex Rollit Thru

The Verderflex Rollit Thru 6/9 is a hygienic pump of the Rollit series of liquid-lubrication-free hose pumps. The Rollit Thru 6/9 is designed to operate with single use continuous tubing of different materials instead of its more common hose options. They are designed for applications in the biotechnology, chemical, food, pharma and many other industries. These models have peristaltic tubing for ease of use in biotechnology and cell cultures. After a production batch only the tubing needs to be changed meaning downtime is minimilised and process cleaning eliminated.

The Verderflex Rollit Thru Key Features are:

  •  Flow rates up to 175 L/hr
  •  Utilises single use tubing in lubricant free enviroment
  •  True dry running Pump
  •  Suction lift up to 7 mwc
Verderflex Rollit Thru

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Technical data

Type Макс. дебит Макс. (нагнетателно) налягане Макс. температура Макс. размер на частици Сертификати Technosheet

Rollit Thru 6/9

175 l/h 2 bar 80 °C 1 mm Dependant On Tube