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Options and Accessories for Verderair Pure

To achieve even more and broader possibilities with your Verderair Pure pump, Verder offers an extended line of accessories for the Verderair Pure double diaphragm pumps. 

Barrier System

Barrier system (code BS) Verderair Pure pumps with a barrier system are equipped with double liquid chambers and double diaphragms at each side. In the double liquid chambers, between de double diaphragms, a neutral liquid is placed. In each double chamber this neutral liquid is monitored by a conductive sensor (article number 658004) and a capacitive sensor (article number 6580003). When a diaphragm fails, one of the sensors will detect this and will generate a signal. The sensors can be connected to a controller.

Remote Operated pump (option RE)

If you want to control the stroke frequency of your pump by using a solenoid valve, you can use option RE on the Verderair Pure pumps. The pumps with this option are having 2 air connections in direct contact with the air side of each diaphragm. The pumps are not having an air valve neither an air muffler. As the complete volume of air to operate your pump has to pass through the solenoid valve, we recommend to use a solenoid valve with the same size of air connections as the air connections of your pump.

Manual Draining

Manual draining (option DM).
Because the valve balls or the conical valves are working as no return valves, liquid will be kept in the pump when the pump is stopped. To be able to evacuate the remaining liquid on top of the valves you can use the manual draining system on a Verderair Pure. Both side housings are equipped with a bypass system and a manual operated valve.

Pneumatical draining (option DP)

Instead of using the manual draining system (option DM), pumps with option code DP are equipped with side housing with bypass system and pneumatically operated valves. By using a 4/2 electro-pneumatical valve, the draining system can be activated by an electrical signal.

Prepared for pulsation dampener (code PD)

Every AODD pump will have a pulsating flow. To reduce the pulsations a dampener can be used. Verderair Pure is having a complete range of dampeners which can be used with pumps. To be able to mount a VA Pure dampener on the pump, the center block needs to be turned 180° to have the extra center connection on top of the pump. When you are using the option code PD, the pump will be delivered with center connection upwards.

Pulse dampener

The Verderair Pure dampeners are active dampeners and achieve the best possible dampening effect to create an almost flat flow. They are available in the same sizes and materials as the Verderair Pure pump range.

Leak detection (code LS)

The diaphragms can be monitored by the assembly of a capacity sensor (article number 6580003) in the muffler of the pump. When a diaphragm fails, the liquid will enter the air side of the pump and will be blown into the muffler. The sensor will detect the presence of the liquid and generate a signal. The sensor can be connected to a controller. 

Stroke Sensor (option SS)

To measure the number of strokes a pump is making, you can use the option SS (stroke sensor).

An inductive proximity switch is mounted in the centre part of the pump. This switch is generating a pulse with every stroke of the diaphragms. The switch can be connected to a controller (article number 6850001). This controller can show you the number of strokes the pump has made or can stop the pump after a preset number of strokes. The switches used are having Atex classification Ex II 2G EEx ia IICT6.

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