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Design Features Hygienic Lobe Pumps

Most Stringent Hygienic Standards

Flush rotor fixing screws are sealed to prevent product ingress. Contoured rotor case internals for full drainability during SIP and shaft seals set up front where the pumping action is! Fully conforming to 3A 02-10 Hygienic Standards and utilizing materials which meet FDA requirements. Versions are available that have been tested and approved to the EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group), CIP and SIP protocols and USDA, 3A certification.

Low Maintenance Costs

Front loaded single shaft seals are fully accessible from the front of the pump without disturbing the process pipework. Simple bearing assemblies easily pre-set using automotive technology. Bi-wing rotors require no timing adjustments. Even the pump casing is removable, a feature not normally associated with other bi-wing rotor pumps.

High Volumetric Efficiency

The bi-wing rotors incorporate the low viscosity efficiency associated with circumferential piston pumps with the viscous product handling capability of tri-quad and bi-lobe rotor pumps at an affordable price.

Rugged Design

Hy~Line design utilizes extremely large shaft diameters mounted in high specification taper roller bearings, fitted into an extremely rigid central pillar made from a high grade alloy. This is all enclosed in an oil filled housing made from the same alloy. These, together with wide tipped rotor wings, which adds another dimension to security, avoid premature pump failure due to overpressure or other abuse

Construction Details

1. Flush fitting, sealed rotor retaining screws avoid build up of stagnant product as no end cover recesses are required and no product can get into the rotor drive.

2. Front mounted shaft seals for easy replacement and full accessibility of CIP liquids.

3. Rugged, high grade alloy bearing pedestal and housing for low weight and high strength, completely encased in epoxy coating.

4. Detachable ports for maximum flexibility in connection type and size. (Not on 3 & 7 size).

5. Removable feet allow quick change for pump mounting in the ideal orientation. (Not on 3 & 7 size).

6. High specification taper roller bearings give over one million hours life on a typical duty.

7. Precision cut spur gears for high load capability and ease of maintenance. 

8. Fully interchangeable bi-wing rotors can be fitted without the need to re-time thus reducing downtime and allows pump to cope with a higher level of abuse.

9. Heavy duty shafts for high pressure capability

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