How do diaphragm pumps work?

A double diaphragm is a positive displacement pump which utilises two flexible diaphragms that reciprocate back and forth, creating a temporary chamber, which both draws in and expels fluid through the pump. The diaphragms work as a separation wall between the air and the liquid. This video explains the working principle of the double diaphragm pumps. 

Verderair is introducing the new HI CLEAN series

The Verderair HI-CLEAN is a series of hygienic and food grade air operated double diaphragm (AODD) and piston pumps. The HI-CLEAN pumps are designed for operation in hygienic and food processing applications, such as pumping dairy (cream, cream cheese and yoghurt) and basic ingredients for fruit syrups and concentrates for the manufacturing of fruit juices & personal care.

Verderair Pure Diaphragm Pump

Verder introduces a pure and solid design diaphragm pump series with the best flow and lowest energy use in the market: the Verderair Pure. This type of diaphragm pump is for heavy-duty applications. In the production process , only 100% PTFE and PE is used. Because of the smart design, Verderair Pure pumps are more efficient than any other solid design AODD pump on the market. Flow is up to 30% better than of comparable pumps, and because of less friction, significant energy savings are realized. Verderair Pure diaphragm pumps are available in six sizes and four different types.

How is the Verderair Pure Diaphragm Pump manufactured?

The Verderair Pure is designed in house, and produced to our exact specifications.The result is an AODD pump with 25& more effiency then its competitors. Unless other pumps, the Verderair Pure is produced from a single block teflon. Thanks to its clever design, downtime and maintenance costs are significally reduced. 

How to disassemble the Verderair Pure?

This video shows how easy the Verderair Pure pumps are disassembled so your downtime is reduced to a minimum. 

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