Available valve balls materials for Verderair VA series pumps


Wide range of solvents resistant and whitstands extreme fatigue. Good level of abrasion resistance. Not for use with acids or bases.


Widest chemical resistant. Extreme corrosion resistance but limited abrasion resistance.


Good for water, petroleum based and hydrocarbon fluids. Not for use with strong solvents or chemicals.


Good abrasion resistance. Similar chemical compatibility as Buna N.

Hytrel (TPE)

Often used as substitute for Buna N


Good abrasion and chemical resistance. Not for use with solvents or hydrocarbons. Often substitute for EPDM.

Fluorelastomers (Viton)

High level of corrosion resistance with acids. Good resistance for steam and unleaded fuels.


Very soft rubber. Good for abrasion. Limited resistant for corrosion.

Polychloroprene weighted

Polychloroprene with metal insert. For use with high viscous and high density fluids

Stainless Steel 316

High level of corrosion and abrasion resistance. Can handle halogenated carbons.

Hardened steel

Moderate chemical resistance. Good abrasion resistance.

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